Meet the Team

Our handpicked team of experienced and highly trained staff are on hand to support all of our residents in living life to the full. We take pride in our people who in return never hesitate to go the extra mile for our residents.


Sarah Jackson

Registered Manager

“I am so proud of the team of the team we have put together here at Seacroft Green Care Centre, their enthusiasm combined with their professional attitude and ability to have fun too makes it a real pleasure to work here”


Katie Cliff

Deputy Manager

“I love the variety of work here and the people I meet day to day make my job so interesting, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”



Finance Manager


HR Administrator

Nikki Lee-Clarke

Head of Specialist Services

“My aim is to make sure that what we deliver to our clients is ‘world class’ in every sense.  I keep this in mind and try and relate everything back to it in order that we deliver the very best opportunities to every individual”


Martin Spalding

Head of Hospitality & Customer Care

“My background as a restauranteur means that I am well placed to look after all things hospitality related across our Care Villages. I love being able to make sure that we offer dining experiences which far exceed what people typically expect in our industry. It makes my job exciting and challenging as well as rewarding.”


Katie Capes

Head of Quality & Compliance

“Katie works tirelessly with all of our teams to make sure that everything that we do is compliant and to our own exacting standards. “

Iria Cunha

Iria Cunha

Wellbeing & Activities Co-ordinator

“I’m responsible for making sure that we have a variety of opportunities for our residents to engage, from painting and drawing to  photography and gardening the list is endless! I love my job as I get to do so many great things with so many lovely people.”